Being a beginner blogger, you have so many ifs and buts about using unknown resources or smart tools, right?

Reason behind :

You are new & unknown to blogging industry. You don’t have time to test or conduct analysis on any tool /resource. It’s obvious that you don’t have spare time as a lot of tasks are in waiting list. If you’re a working mom + blogger then the situation is more tragic. You have to juggle a lot between job, kids, and blog.

That’s why to ease your hustle our smart tools & resources are chosen very carefully for you, rather of any blogging stage you’re. We have used these to plan, create, launch, promote, schedule and grow our own blog business.


>>As, we all know that when we purchase tools, we can become affiliates too. So, some of these links are affiliate links too. Don’t doubt. If you make a purchase with any of these links, we receive a commission. Not from you dear, but from the company selling it.<<<<

If you also want to earn some extra cash with these links but need more information regarding Affiliate Marketing, then just take the topmost course assuring success named Making Sense Of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle.


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In the beginning, you really need these smart tools & resources to find out your niche as well as the audience, right? But you
struggle without proper guidance as a newbie. We understand your pain, dear.

Go through these smart tools & resources and use them to grow your blog business. Don’t forget to share your experience in comments & shout out to others in need.


EPIC BLOG by Regina Anaejionu is a must to plan your blog business just from start. It has all the features a new blogger needs like mini blog business plan, ideal reader survey, monthly theme planning, monthly content planning, and standard monthly calendar. Investing in this resource don’t make you feel guilty ever. Go ahead & start with solid planned blog base.



Quora is a Q & A platform. Type your question in the search bar and hundreds of successful entrepreneurs give you their views and suggestions. Isn’t it wonderful? We still use this platform to find out what’s trending and what our audience needs the most?


Facebook groups are great if you’re just starting your blog business. People over these groups are super helpful & co-operative only if you join right kind of group. By right kind, means a non- promotional group. You can judge by signing in or joining questions as demanded by group admin.
# Promotional groups are good for increasing no. of likes & followers.
# Non-promotional groups have multiple opportunities to get exposure easily.


Have you ever visited the outstanding blog website of Melyssa Griffin. She is the super mastermind behind most famous courses named Pinfinite Growth, List Surge and Blog To Biz Hive. Her free business plan guides you to design each phase of your business with helpful and easy tips.



If you need a step-by-step guide to set up & launch your blog business having never seen before facts, then this 102 pages eBook is all you need. It walks you through what to do for your brand new blog to save time as well as hard earned money. The author of this book MEERA KOTHAND is Amazon’s no. 1 selling author too. You can check out here.




Have you experienced trouble like website got hacked and blacklisted by google. You can’t access your blog to do your work. Error displays as “This website has been reported as unsafe” or “The site ahead contains malware”. Siteground is the only pocket friendly hosting service which keep your website secure and always up online. If you’re serious to start your blog then it’s the best tool to invest in.



Every website needs visual appeal to bind it’s visitors for long time. The best contributor is the theme installed. Our website runs on SOLEDAD MULTI-CONCEPT BLOG WP theme.
If you need feminine, chic styled theme then BLUCHIC & RESTORED 316 are your destinations.


It is an awesome Pinterest scheduling app. Now, you can post automatically to instagram too. Isn’t it quite worthy tool? If your business fits to pinterest marketing then Tailwind Tribes are your bestie.

Tailwind offers free subscription. There’s no time limit! You can schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest, and 30 posts on Instagram for free before deciding if a paid plan is right for you.


You must have heard it or read it about blogging many times that “Money is in the List”. If you want to earn then email marketing is what you need. To generate leads and earn money from your list, the easiest tool is named SEVA formerly as CONVERTKIT. It is the best tool to surge your list as a beginner blogger(it’s a pocket friendly service with lot of features not provided by others).

When it comes to earn from brand new blog, what suggestions you get from experts? We know that maximum votes goes to Affiliate Marketing. But, what the heck is this affiliate marketing? As a beginner blogger, we all are completely unknown but Ana’s course makes you ready to conquer Affiliate marketing.

Let’s monetize your blog business from day 1.



First impressions make all the difference. Join the #StyledStockSociety today + make sure you’re always putting your best photo forward! Need stunning stock photos for your blog or business? Look no further – the #StyledStockSociety is your new secret weapon! Unlimited stock photo downloads for life?! That might sound too good to be true, but with the #StyledStockSociety Lifetime Membership that’s just what you’ll get!


One of the secret to gain organic traffic to a brand new blog is interactive content strategy. Quizzes play a vital role to interact with the audience.

Interact offers easy to customize 200+ free quiz templates in 37 categories. You can save hours or days of work with them. So, let’s attract your target audience and convert them into subscribers and buyers for free.

Protect your site with a FREE protection badge from DMCA. This free tool can help you stop the infringement and stop content theft. So, protect your blog content and watermark your blog images too.


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