How To Balance Your Mom Blog & Family Life Easily? (In 2019)

Mom Blog business…mom-blog-business-life1

This passion is growing as well as changing day by day.

But these changes are not much favorable to mom bloggers. To get noticed online is the main target every beginner blogger wants to achieve. Your blog has to come out of Google sandbox to rank higher in search results.

It’s a studied fact that to rank in Google searches you need to blog consistently (post twice or thrice a week). Of course, your posts should have quality content. For work at home mom or working moms consistent blogging means to devote a lot of time from their busy schedule.



1 You’re working day & night (means your brain works non-stop).

2 Your morning is full of routine tasks.

3 You live always annoyed & frustrated.

4 Your loved ones complain about behavior changes.

5 Sleepless nights making you unhealthy.

6 Your partner is missing quality time with you.

If all these situations are coming in your ways, then it’s clear that you lack the strength of productivity and time management.

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How is it possible to declutter the chaos between blog & job? Every new mom blog owner wants to know. I was also so keen to manage my blog & job with kids. Honestly, I didn’t find a mentor or guide to show me the clear road-map to successful blog business.

So, I learned with my experiments & failures by researching deep in my niche. Add some of my tested quick changes in your mom blog plan to work smart and manage all house & kids chores easily.

Let’s go through these easy-peasy tricks to spare more family time.

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Being a mom blogger or working mom + entrepreneur, we have uncountable daily tasks to do, right? Raising kids is a full-time duty and home chores seem to be never-ending at all. That’s why it’s necessary to manage time and work to spare some me time or family time with consistent blogging too.

You can start simply with Tailwind to automate your blog for driving traffic consistently.

mom-blog-business-life 30

Some smart tips to consider for Work at home Mom bloggers:

1 Use morning calmness to write your content.
2 While preparing breakfast turn on your smart device(amazon echo for me) & listen to fav podcasts.
3 While having kids their breakfast I make beds and load the dishwasher.
4 During laundry answer emails.
5 During naptime of your baby design your social posts or work on products.
6 Use the child’s playtime to make the grocery list or plan meals ahead.
7 Try instant pot for saving time by cooking fast.
8 Automate your social sharing by using Buffer(free), Hootsuite(free), Planoly(free), Tailwind(free).
9 You can invite guest bloggers when not getting enough time to write with kids.
10 Try to involve your hubby or family members to help with your blog chores.

If you have a day job also then these tricks can help a lot:

1 Use the holiday to plan meals for a whole week & get enough groceries in advance.
2 While getting ready for work take your pics for Instagram posts.
3 In the office, use spare time to answer emails/reply comments/manual pinning.
4 Use travel time to catch up with your competitor’s progress or find what’s trending?
5 Hire a babysitter if necessary to get some time to relax.
6 Outsource as much as you can afford.
7 Use automation tools to cut off daily blogging tasks.
8 Use online grocery stores for home delivery to save time.
9 Outsource laundry, sweeping and routine chores.

Which one suits your busy life, share in comments.





In the starting 60 days after launch, your blog needs to publish quality content frequently. It simply increases your chance to appear in Google results. So, utilize your spare time to brainstorm post ideas and writing. If you’re finding difficult to have enough time for writing then outsource this task to freelancers online.


This time period is when your blog business needs a solid foundation. You can name it your launch or Foundation stage. So, your goals list look like this:

Write 4-5 blog posts
Creating pins
Scheduling pins to the tailwind
Research for blog content
Make connections with X other bloggers
Follow & commenting on X others blog
Pitch for X guest posts
Join X Facebook groups
Getting X subscribers
Getting X followers on social channels.


Some don’ts to take care of at the initial phase of your mom blog:

1. Avoid starting your own Facebook group as it needs active engagement & lot of time to grow.

2. Ignoring SEO can harm your organic traffic growth.

3. Avoid distractions while writing.

4. While setting goals make sure to order them according to ROI(return on investment).

5. Don’t indulge in copying others content for own blog post creation.

6. Don’t hesitate to use sticky notes on your computer or laptop.

If you need fully systemized Mom Blog Planner for creating content, setting goals, promo traffic here’s the best blog planner designed by MEERA KOTHAND.

mom blog32




Blog series means theme writing or creating blog posts on a topic. It’s a good choice for new mom bloggers. It simply cut down your time spent in brainstorming or searching for blog post ideas.


1 Choose your blog series topic.

2 Plan a source to deliver your content.

3 Choose an appropriate format for content

4 Create social media posts.

5 Make ready 9 – 12 blog posts before launch.

6 Design content upgrades for your posts.

7 Have a promotion strategy.

We know that your time is so precious. So, having a content strategy is a must to get the desired results from your blog. Brainstorm content ideas at the beginning of your blog planning & research for specific keywords. Spreadsheets are the best friend for managing content ideas for a month in advance.

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mom blog4

Pinterest is like the best friend of mom bloggers. As women are naturally efficient to create beautiful designs, Pinterest serves as the best social channel for them. Have a look at some interesting stats below:

87% of pinners have purchased through Pinterest.
93% of visitors planned future purchases.
It drives 17% traffic to E-commerce sites.
2/3 pins are of a brand or product.
Content on Pinterest has the longest life of 105 days.
31% of adult online users are habitual to use Pinterest.

To drive organic as well as referral traffic, Pinterest is the best social media source. So, it’s necessary to integrate it with your blog whether on WordPress or any other blogging platform like Squarespace, Blogger, Wix etc.

The changes recently Pinterest has made are really helpful for quality content creators. The new Pinterest strategy includes quality over quantity. Now, you don’t have to pin a whole day like a jerk. Just follow some easy steps and organic traffic starts coming to your blog.

If You’re serious to monetize your blog just from starting, then Pinterest is a highly recommended tool to use. A complete guide to strategic Pinterest Approach as a beginner blogger is here:



Signup for Tailwind account if you have no time to share your content daily and money to invest for hiring freelancers. It’s not easy to pin manually if you’re a beginner blogger, so scheduling with Pinterest makes pinning hassle free. In simple words, it’s the best scheduling free tool for Pinterest.

Let’s know more about the importance of Tailwind here:

MUST READ : Why Tailwind Is Now Becoming More Important For Bloggers Using Pinterest

For driving organic traffic & grow an email list, it’s beneficial to join some active Pinterest boards. Pinterest Group boards are helpful in increasing your page views as well as follow if used strategically. They help to interact with other bloggers in your niche which leads to awesome collaborations. If you join relevant & active groups then these group boards surely surge your list.


1 The board is active & regular pinning is going on.
2 It is relevant to your niche and target audience.
3 No. of pins present on the board.
4 No. of followers already there.
5 Members repin each other’s content too.
6 Use Pingroupie to find out your ideal group boards.
7 Join your competitor’s you followed ever.

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Whether you’re in the role of stay at home mom or a working mom, you have to work as a multitasker. By adding one more job role of having a blog business, we need to manage our time more efficiently. Try the productivity strategies we discussed in this post and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

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6 No Fluffy Secrets To Explode Your Brand New Blog Traffic


Hey! lovely beginner blog owners.

How are u today? Let’s refresh your mood with some proven hacks to grow your business.

We all see how easily expert bloggers hang out with their audience. They chat, share problems and discover solutions together. Isn’t it great?

Are you missing those raving online friends?

Want insider tips to getting wildly engaged colossal readers? Then this post is perfect for you.

At the beginning of your blog business, it’s hard to get actively engaged followers. It takes time and some well-planned strategies to grow your community online.

We’ve rounded up 6 best hacks to grow your audience tribe wildly. We’re going to share those plans and strategies which worked a lot for us. Eager to know our secrets?

Download our highly active 80+ Facebook Groups List for lead generation and worthy collaborations.

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You can skyrocket your business when you see your blog as a human similar to your own persona. It’s a brand infused with your own personality. Be a leader for readers visiting on the blog with your helping presence. Build a warm & special relationship with your readers by replying to their comments on your blog and social channels.

Try to fulfill their expectations & needs for which they visit you with love, respect, and devotion. These tips can help you out:

#1 Ask questions about their struggle on your Facebook groups.

If you haven’t joined highly engaging FB groups yet then grab a valuable list here. Search in those groups for phrases like “struggling with”, “need help”, “do you know” and share your helpful thoughts to solve their problems. Don’t forget to provide a link to your resource in groups also with a brief description of yourself.

#2  Energize with perks to fuel their creativity

Use the google search bar for new trends in blogging often. Share with your audience about any helpful tool or app, new free course or resource you found and products you have created too. If any of your followers have great stuff to help other new bloggers than share without thinking.

Let’s take an example of Elna Cain of Twinsmommy. She has a separate page named free stock photos. On that page, she has written a beautiful post about 18 places for Free girly and styled stock photos.




In this post, she generously redirects you to 18 outstanding female blogger’s resources to sign up for free stock photos. That’s what we want to share with you. If you have made links with your audience then strengthen them up with sharing their work too.


Evoke greed of your readers to explore more & more by making simple navigation throughout your blog. Use related posts wisely to direct them towards other useful content on your blog. Double the chances to make visitors stay longer by upgrading sidebar.

Use your ABOUT PAGE to showcase your portfolio (if any) as well as popular posts. You can use it for sales or as a trip wire also by placing digital products in the sidebar.

Avoid using so many categories. As a new blogger, your categories probably contains only 2 or 3 posts. So, go without them in the beginning stage.

Be newsworthy & publish valuable quality content on a regular basis. It must inspire viral sharing or natural linking with others.

The best trick which we adopted on smarty blogger is not to publish all the posts at the time of launch. We kept 6 posts in a draft for publishing consistency. If you are not aware of how to schedule posts in WordPress then here is a snapshot to consider. You can choose any date & time with publishing option in WordPress.




Decide the theme of your emails. It simply means to create a series of emails you want to send out to your subscribers. Your theme can be free downloads, worksheets, popular blog posts, failures with solutions, etc.

Setup your welcome email series:

Welcome email series is just to get friendly with your subscribers. Make them feel that you are their best helper and information resource in needy moments. You can include testimonials, takeaways, quick tips, your brand story or freebies. Integrate any content that matches & fulfill your brand’s standard.

The best way to learn is by subscribing your fav ones in your niche and some of the experts also. Then study deeply their emails received in your inbox. Take short notes and note down key points you liked and clicked in the mind first. Then brainstorm your own ideas to create one for your blog promotion merged with your brand’s image.

For quick reference consider our awesome post here: 6 Helpful Female Bloggers To Empower Your Email Marketing.

Don’t forget to create a Thank You page because it gives you another chance to divert the reader towards any offer you want (paid or free). In simple words increases the chances of the sales.


List out some of the experts as well as other bloggers in your niche you come in contact while your online research or social media channels. Your followers can also be on this list. Don’t choose randomly, try to include those who have a lot of valuable content to help your readers.

Buffer consistently their work on your social channels. Don’t forget to mention them in the post. The main benefits of sharing other’s work are:

The author appreciates your share & maybe get in touch. You can also approach to build a connection with your guest post pitch as well as for collaboration too.

You can remain active consistently on social channels even when you don’t have own content to share.

Using Buffer strategically can do wonders and above all the talks it is absolutely free.

Buffering daily creates trust & people will look for your own blog launch eagerly.

Sign up for a basic buffer account which is forever free. Install the buffer extension also in your browser. Plan out your whole month posts in advance to share on facebook & twitter. Double check the content you are sharing because improper links and worthless posts can decrease your engagement with followers.


Endorse your hard work in the form of the resource page. Assemble helpful tools & resources you use most often. Arrange them in well-categorized order. Conquer the trust of your audience by a little elaboration about why you use each tool.

Try to make your resource hub visually blissful by formatting & using beautiful graphics. Look at these examples to get the words very clear.





Create a pin especially for this page & promote it on each social channel.

Bonus Tip: Include your affiliate and digital (PAID) products also with a good description. Try to make your readers buy any of them by telling how they benefited you. You can use Pretty Link Plugin for short & custom affiliate links.


You can grow your audience very quickly by hosting a viral giveaway or challenge. Just manage to give away a prize to the winner of the contest & enhance your popularity as well as followers. Don’t get trapped in the cage of a costly prize if you can’t afford in beginning days of blogging as you have already invested in the setup of your blog also. The prize to the winner of the contest can also be a digital product but keep in mind that it should be much valuable.

Promotion strategy is a must for maximum audience outreach. A contest or challenge can be conducted via your WordPress blog, social channels and emails too.


Let’s do it with helping your readers because it’s tough for them to trust your brand without warmness, helpful resources, useful freebies, easy communication. So, make sure to create interactive content for evoking your readers to reply, comment or respond. For more content ideas, grab our free list of highly engaging Facebook groups.

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Pinterest SEO 2019 : How To Design A SEO Optimized Viral Pin?


Want to know how to design a viral pin?

The main key ingredient to it is Pinterest SEO. So, don’t ignore SEO optimizing your pins in 2019, as Pinterest smart feed has changed a lot.

Have you experienced any viral pin before? If yes then you’re a winner but if no then let’s do it.

It’s a proven fact that Pinterest is the top traffic-driving social channel for bloggers. That’s why designing a visual appealing pin is a must for your Pinterest growth. Acc. to the Tailwind, 80% pins on Pinterest are re-pins. That means beautiful pins attract pinners with ease.

We all are familiar with the fact that the life of a Pinterest pin is 1600 times longer than the usual Facebook post. So, in 2019 Pinterest SEO optimization is what your pin needs to become viral.



Ready for this amazing guide to designing a Pinterest SEO optimized viral pin, then let’s begin. We have added some extra elements too to this guide which are also important for designing your viral pin.


>>For More Reading: 7 Highly Active Facebook Groups To Help New Bloggers


1  Branding Elements

Remember that expert bloggers create pins having a theme or fixed pattern which resemble their blog brand. So, consider following your brand algorithm in your Pinterest pins too. The main elements needed to consistently branded pins are fonts, colors, and images.



Try to use the same fonts as on your blog or mix some matching to get recognized easily. The new era is smart & uses smart gadgets too. So, to attract viewers via smartphones make your fonts large. Make sure to keep your fonts readable and clear. If you want to add a script at the footer then take care of font pairing and choose the right one. Some tricks to stand out in the Pinterest feed related to fonts are:

1 Use a text overlay.

2 Go for simple font typefaces.

3 Add power words to grab attention.

4 Clean and large fonts.

5 Try to add some white space.

Some examples to get a clear idea about the fonts size, pairing, background, and typeface.




Most of the pins with bright colors like red, orange, rust and brown colors got twice the repins on Pinterest. But for easy recognition by your readers adding your brand colors is always fruitful. The trick of using perfect colors is to make your brand color as the accent color with warm tones of matching bright colors. Have a look at these inspirations:



The above examples show how the bright colored pins standout in the smart feed of Pinterest and attracts our eyeballs automatically. To do the same magic consider some simple hacks like warm tones, medium lightness, and proper saturation.



The third important element of a branded pin is a perfect high-quality image. Images used for crafting a pin plays an important role in its success. Our major marketing tools like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram are visual platforms, right? That’s why styled stock images become a must to grab visitor’s attention on these social channels. Look at these awesome styled stock photos and their look stimulate ideas. Creative ideas automatically start to come in mind about designing viral pins with them.



>>For More Reading: The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generating Free Stock Images


Perfectly designed images are a game changer for your promotion strategy. Have a look at the creative designing done with stock images in these Pinterest images:-




2 Pinterest SEO 2019

The highest quality pins with most repins appear at the top of the queue. You always try hard to get there, right? To get found on Pinterest smart feed the secret recipe for most repinned pins or you can say Pinterest SEO optimized viral pin is quality content.

Your pins, business account, and boards need to be SEO optimized with top keywords as well as long tail related keywords. The ranking factor on Pinterest depends on the great content, the relevancy, and consistency.

If you’re serious to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest then it’s too much worthy to invest in WPTasty.This awesome tool is a must to easily optimize your blog images for Pinterest, SEO, and traffic at one place. The most convincing as well as helpful features WPTasty covers are:


SEO Optimized Pin Descriptions

SEO Optimized ALT Tags

Hide Pinterest Specific Images

Force Pinning Feature

For detailed features look at this Ultimate Guide to use WPTasty plugin for getting more than 1,00,000 monthly unique viewers within 40 days + a pinning strategy guide for success to achieve this huge target.


Quality content is measured by five factors – Keywords, Domain Authority, Pin Quality, Pinner Consistency, and relevance.




Guided Search on Pinterest shows you the accurate visual and helps Pinterest users to get ideas and inspiration. The Guided feature exploration suggests a lot of different but related ideas too. When we type our query related keyword in the search box, several extra keywords also appears below the box. You can smartly use them to create your content with any costly keyword researching tools.

To appear on top of the smart feed of Pinterest as well as search results, follow these easy tips:



The first impression that your Pinterest account visitor’s get is your profile. So, your profile should reflect your business and expertise. Here keywords play the main role to get you found on top search results. That’s why craft strong Pinterest SEO optimized profile. The most beautiful feature of Pinterest is that a brand new account can also get a bucketload of traffic easily here.

Assume you’re a professional social media marketing expert, then your Pinterest business account profile must look like:




Domain authority means you have a verified business account.

Make sure to validate and connect your website with Your Pinterest business account.

Apply for rich pins to gain trust on a Pinterest platform.

By working with a Business account on Pinterest you can get the full benefits. It gives you helpful tools for tracking which content is pinned from a website.  Switching to a Business account enables analytics tracking for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a visual content sharing social media channel. Even if you don’t pin your content other people do that directly from your website. This is the best Pinterest practice to embrace your hard work. You just plan how your content appears there. After you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works then you can actively pin your content yourself.


[convertkit form=944343]




To improve the quality of your pins and make them Pinterest worthy, include these tiny changes to your pin designing strategy:

Use of keywords in your profile, pin description and boards name + description strategically. Here’s a complete guide for Pinterest SEO “

Go for tall vertical images as Canva offers readymade pin dimensions i.e 735 pixels X 1102 pixels. The minimum width is 600 px. The aspect ration for a viral pin is 2:3 to 1:3.5.

Use high-resolution styled stock images for pins. Infuse your brand with fonts and colors of text.



Pinterest provides live social proof for content strategy. When people are continuously repinning a post’s image, then it proves that customers are interested in that content. Look how one of our pins got viral and got a lot of shares in one night.



Domain authority means you have a verified business account.

Make sure to validate and connect your website with Your Pinterest business account.

Apply for rich pins to gain trust on a Pinterest platform.

By working with a Business account on Pinterest you can get the full benefits. It gives you helpful tools for tracking which content is pinned from a website.  Switching to a Business account enables analytics tracking for Pinterest users.

Pinterest is a visual content sharing social media channel. Even if you don’t pin your content other people do that directly from your website. This is the best Pinterest practice to embrace your hard work. You just plan how your content appears there. After you understand how the Pinterest algorithm works then you can actively pin your content yourself.


[convertkit form=944343]



To improve the quality of your pins and make them Pinterest worthy, include these tiny changes to your pin designing strategy:

Use of keywords in your profile, pin description and boards name + description strategically. Here’s a complete guide for Pinterest SEO “

Go for tall vertical images as Canva offers readymade pin dimensions i.e 735 pixels X 1102 pixels. The minimum width is 600 px. The aspect ration for a viral pin is 2:3 to 1:3.5.

Use high-resolution styled stock images for pins. Infuse your brand with fonts and colors of text.



Pinterest provides live social proof for content strategy. When people are continuously repinning a post’s image, then it proves that customers are interested in that content. Look how one of our pins got viral and got a lot of shares in one night.



Make your first time blog visitors into loyal customers


We know you’re super busy in creating content, designing social media posts, free resources, videos & content for webinars? And you need an easiest way to land your clients with beautiful blog website ASAP.


That’s the proof of Pinterest powerful traffic increasing capacity. So, consistently and better-pinning gains maximum traffic to your blog. Pin strategically boost your sales the fastest way. This is the reason people claim that they made a lot of money on Pinterest. If you’re ready to make money with your brand new blog business and need Pinterest basic + advance tips, don’t miss this exclusive resource.



3 Call To Action

CTA or Call To Action is the button with a link encouraging readers to click. Your call to action is the most important tool to offer some benefit to the customer as well as boost your own sales. Otherwise, your click-through rate will go down or if you’re a new business owner then it will not even start.

So, to design perfect call to action for your Pinterest pin images decide what is your main goal to achieve with it?

For example:

Do you want to grow your list?

Want to increase your sales?

Need organic traffic to your blog website?

Whatever your goal is, keep in mind about that while writing your call to action. Curiosity is the desire to know. Use it to craft your call to action message and evoke desire in your audience mind to know what’s the offer your CTA giving them. This trick easily force your readers to click and ultimately you get higher CTR (click through rate) + more sales.

To write a compelling call-to-action message isn’t an easy task. Developing a sense of urgency for customers to take action, you’ve to assist them too. Look at this pin image to get crystal clear idea:



4 Scheduling

For beginner bloggers when you’re not making money with your blog and just investing your hard earned money on hosting, tools, courses, and blah blah…, investing on a social media scheduler frustrates you, right? Pinterest offers you to schedule free as well as there is one more tool which offers free 100 pins to schedule. We’re talking about TAILWIND the #1 Pinterest pins scheduling tool. Near about every 3rd blog business owner uses this tool to grow traffic and make money now.

If you’re not aware of the benefits of TAILWIND for totally beginner bloggers, then we’ve compiled a list about a few of them:

Tailwind offers you time slots according to your timezone.

2 You can join tailwind tribes to place your content in front of millions of other users for free.

3 It’s very easy to find your popular pins by analytics of tailwind.

4 Scheduling pin is like a child’s game with this tool.


Get your $15 free credit with our special link today and ask us in comments for any query related to using TAILWIND.


The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generating Free Stock Images


One of the basic need of every article – Styled Stock Photos. As a blogger & especially mom bloggers, we all need beautiful stock images, right?


Are they easily available?

Are they free?

Whether the free available stock images are enough impressive?

Where to look for gorgeous & high-quality blog photos?

How to brand them and use for blog growth?

In this article, you are going to learn how to find and design the best graphics for your blog business. The resources included in this ultimate guide are 6 part series. Don’t take a risk to miss any of them. A sneak peeks to this series:

  • Places to find free-styled stock images.
  • How to design them with your creativity?
  • How to infuse your brand in them?
  • Where to use these pictures?
  • Tricks to increase your following with jaw-dropping photos.
  • How to grow the social network with pretty & styled stock images?

When your brand new blog needs promotion, the very first basic need at the initial blogging stage is mind blowing blog graphics. So, let’s talk about the top websites or you can say fellow bloggers who offer free yet styled stock images.

These photo resources are for creative & aspiring bloggers, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, freelancers, virtual assistants, social media managers, and branding specialists.

[convertkit form=865750]

You’re surely thinking of Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash or maybe Picjumbo but dear you’re wrong here. In this guide, we’re going to explore some amazing free stock photo resources.

Let’s get started!

1  Ivory Mix

Kayla at Ivory mix offers 550+ beautiful styled stock images absolutely free. These images are equally brilliant as her paid stock photos. She asks only for your email address as signup for instant access to her library full of creatively styled images. In addition to 550+, Kayla sends monthly free images to your inbox without any delay.


2  Styled Stock Society

SSS is among top 10 sites for high-quality feminine & girly styled stock photos. This website offers free access to 10 stock images on signup as well as monthly inbox delivery also. SSS is a membership site but they have a section named shop for purchasing individual stock photo sets. This site has a ton of styled images based on different themes. SSS is definitely the best place for different types of creative photos for bloggers, mompreneurs, website designers, artists, graphic designers, and similar ones.


3  Haute Stock

If you want free stock images + branding tips for proper use of these styled images then Haute stock is your perfect destination. Rachel is the founder and creative director of Haute Stock. She & her creative team not only provides a beautiful blog post graphics, eye-catching social media photos as well as tutorials, inspirational articles too. Their powerful strategies help a lot to build a noticeable polished and professional blog business.

4 Elle Drouin


Elle is a professional product stylist and photographer. She is the owner at Styled Stock Society too. Her creative images are the perfect solution for female as well as serious bloggers. Once you get on Elle’s email list, you get instant access to her 10 wonderful creations that are so much pretty. Her stock images prove that visual content can grow your business on autopilot.




The gorgeous face behind Boss Latina is Yami Platero. Her styled stock images are like a Ginnie to enhance blog brand and visual appearance. Her styled images grab attention very easily due to pure appeal. She offers 10 stunning posh stock photos when you signup and then delivers monthly free images to your inbox without failing.




As the name defines a simple girl fond of exploring new destinations and love to capture her journey with amazing photographs. Her images speak about her travel stories + epic branding with a creative spark. You can simply judge by her marvelous post about traveling to India here:

India through photographs – Highlights from our 2 week trip through Goa, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar & Jaisalmer


7 The Stock Gallery


In your beginner blogging stage, it’s obvious that you look for free or pocket-friendly options. That’s why the stock gallery offers free stock images for modern women entrepreneurs and bloggers. They offer 10 free photos on signup. Don’t miss the deal.


8 Helene In Between


What you can ask more from such a helpful and lovely blogger? Her photographs are best for branding and business growth. She accepts personalized stock images order from genuine business owners too. Want access to such a huge free-styled photo library?


9 Dabbles And Babbles


You can easily attract and inspire your readers with the free images offered by Jamey. You can create an epic brand with strategic visuals and Jamey knows it well. That’s why her free stock images are what you need.


10 Pikwizard


For designing our own exclusive designs, we sometime needs some unique backgrounds, emotions of human, real life moments, realistic imagery etc. Pikwizard covers all these unique collection to match your thoughts and have a large collection of high resolution images. The best part is that all these gorgeous creations are totally free to download even without attribution at all. Then why’re you waiting? Go to Pikwizard & grab some saucy + tricky graphic material for free today.


Pikwizard offers a free editing tool too, with it you can easily brand their image matching to your choice or need. The main attraction they offer is video editing, you can create beautiful videos also with this rocking tool named Design Wizard.


11 Pixi Stock


Are you looking for an easy solution to grow your social media presence? The beautiful and clean stock images are easy to go tool for every newbie. Using styled stock photos is a smarter way to grow your business on autopilot.


12 Aminta Demadura


When you think to promote your blog business by social media, then good looking images come to your mind first. You probably have a content strategy for your blog and social media strategy for social posts, then why not a visual strategy for visually appealing graphics. Aminta’s free stock photos match exactly what we are talking about.


Now, you have enough free yet styled stock images to design your blog content, right? So, your next need is to design blog posts, social posts, blog content with these images. We have an amazing guide to solve your problem. Just wait for our next post in this series. Meanwhile, don’t forget to grab your free resource to grow blog traffic: 

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6 Examples Of Successful Mom Blogs To Inspire You


Are you still searching how to start a money making & successful mom blog?

Wondering how to launch a mom blog business with ease?

What holds you back or making your blog launch delayed dear mommy?

We guess…

  • Incomplete knowledge about the essentials of a blog website.
  • No proper guidance for smart tools & helpful resources.
  • Lack of confidence.
  • No competitor bloggers followup.
  • Unknown to social media strategy.

Many of our mommy readers always ask about similar hurdles like above that stress them a lot in their blog launch journey. That’s why we decided to talk about in a crystal clear way to eliminate all these hurdles. This article is helpful in both cases whether you have launched your blog business or going to launch.

You can start simply with Tailwind to automate your blog for driving traffic consistently.


Do you want to know which successful mom blogs offer the best helpful & free resources? Which blogs you must follow for in-depth knowledge of blogging + profitable blog launch?



Elna Cain who is an expert mom blogger is the owner at Twinsmommy. She is a professional blogger and freelance writer too. Her articles are focused on basic blogging(every beginner mom blogger needs to know). Most of her articles appear on the first page of google results due to excellent SEO strategy.

A few of her higher ranking blog posts are:

How to Start a Mom Blog in 2019 (for Beginners)
18 Places for FREE Girly and Styled Stock Photos

What you can learn from her blog:

Here a lot of how to & step by step guides are available to help you with starting a money-making mom blog. She helps to build an email list as well as growing a blog from scratch. We like her marketing strategies whether they are about Pinterest or Email marketing. She offers a lot of free resources to ease the hustle of beginner mom bloggers.





Meera is a certified email marketing expert. She is Amazon’s best selling author too. Isn’t it sounds worthy to follow such a successful mom blogger or you can say, entrepreneur? Meera Kothand’s blog is an amazing resource for beginner bloggers as well as small businesses that want to surge their email list. She keeps her writing so simple and transparent to tell you what works for her and how to apply those strategies to your own business.

Some of her outstanding posts are:

How to write a staggeringly good welcome email series
3 simple ways to make money on autopilot with Pinterest Affiliate Marketing

What you can learn from her blog:

Money is in the list. We all hear it here or there while working as a blogger. It’s a proven fact as well as tested & tried too. Meera’s blog really covers all basic need to email marketing. Her blog posts are entirely based upon the solutions what a beginner blogger needs being unknown to build an email list.






Start a mom blog is one of the best mompreneur platforms to learn about how to start your successful mom blog business? Suzi is a millennial mompreneur and owner at this outstanding blog. She helps with money making by blogging, getting more traffic, affiliate marketing by marvelous tutorials + step by step ultimate guides. Her other expert & valuable articles are based on productivity + time management which is the primary need of busy mums.

Her Top Performing Blog Posts Are:

Super Simple Weekly Schedule to Get Stuff Done
How to be More Productive at Home with this Ridiculously Simple Method
Passive Income Blogging: How to Make $1,051 with an Amazon Affiliate Blog in a Month

What you can learn from her blog:

The best part of Suzi’s blog is that you get easy to follow strategies with free resources to support her teachings. You’ll also get free guides + printables to save your precious time. If you’re a beginner mom blogger then Suzi’s blog is a must to learn from because here you’ll get all the essentials needed to set up, launch & grow your mom blog.

[convertkit form=865750]






If you’re already familiar with Mckinzie’s blog then you’ll certainly know that she teaches to build a profitable mom blog business. She is a SAHM blogger as well as MLM rockstar too. That’s why she teaches very efficiently about direct sales, passive income, and social media marketing.

Her Top Performing Blog Posts Are:

How To Make Money Blogging With Direct Sales
The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Beginners

What you can learn from her blog:

Mckinzie teaches about powerful Pinterest strategies for driving traffic to brand new mom blog. Her easy to apply tips help to start & grow your business. You can easily learn about passive income basics from her.






As the blog’s name indicates that Monica’s blog is redefining moms. She teaches mom entrepreneurs about how to turn their talents and passions into business efficiently. She talks about the working strategies to ditch 9-5 career for a flexible work at home life. Her articles, courses, and ebooks are great helpers to busy moms who want to build a blog business while balancing work and family.

Her Top Performing Blog Posts Are:

7 Guilt-Free Ways to Make Time for Yourself
5 Top Time Management Tips for Moms

What you can learn from her blog:

Monica talks about her own mom blogger life hustles. That’s why the articles and products she creates automatically prove helpful to other mompreneurs. The main teachings by Monica are balancing work and being a mom, overcome mom guilt, best jobs for stay at home moms. If you’re also SAHM then this blog is just to learn from.





This is an awesome all in one blog by Lena. All in one means that Lena shares her views on many topics related to kids, family, and blogging here. She happily shares her smart ideas about meal planning, planners, budgeting, holidays and raising financial literate kids. Here, you can easily get free printables needed to organize your home.

Her Top Performing Blog Posts Are:

How to start a new self-hosted blog on Bluehost
How to know if you’ll be a good blogger

What you can learn from her blog:



Let’s be the next inspirational mom blogger…

We know that your brand new business can’t grow overnight but the right resources and strategies can do wonders. Being mompreneur we all have to accomplish so many home tasks as well as blog business tasks daily, right? That’s why we need a step by step roadmap living a balanced life between our work and mom life. This article is an introduction to our coming series “Free Blog Resources” Stay tuned…

Till then make sure to surge your list with our proven strategies covered in our free resource “BLOG PROMOTION BY EMAILS”

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7 Highly Active Facebook Groups To Help New Bloggers

Facebook groups???????

Are you also wondering about the growing popularity of Facebook groups these days?

Want to join but unknown how to choose the most active and engaging group?

Let’s talk straight & to the point. You’re here because you want to get help & support from other people in blog business like you. We all know about Facebook and its groups online. But do you know what you can expect from these Facebook groups?

Get help with:

1 Validating your business idea.

2 Find the pain points of readers from discussions


3 Easily build relationships by bringing people together.

4 Connects you with like minded people.

5 Awesome place to brainstorm ideas for content.

6 Get daily inspirations & wise pieces of advice.

7 Get feedback on your ideas or projects.

8 Announce new products and projects in front of hundreds to validate.

9 Increase traffic by sharing snapshots of your content.

And much more like above…

[convertkit form=942734]

Facebook groups

These are the best resource to reach your target audience. You can get new friends and customers too at one place. To connect with your audience many experts advise for inbound marketing, content marketing, and social media. But for beginner blogger’s success in these huge areas, a lot of time will be needed to learn these terms first.

So, the easiest tricky but effective way is to join these Facebook groups listed below:

Blogger & Biz Babes


This is a closed group of near about 12k members and bloggers here encourage each other by sharing ideas in business & life. Here you can promote your content if share with a planned strategy. It’s a great place to get the basics of blogging by other bloggers. Here, most of the posts get dozens of comments. Here you can get an opportunity to be featured as an expert too.

This group allows promoting your own products only on Friday as PROMO FRIDAY.

Here is a snapshot of the bite-sized rules this group admin ask new members to follow:


Business Owners Who Think Big


This is a huge group with more than 20k members. Here you can freely ask for advice, share freebies and build relationships. The promotion day is only MONDAY. As a beginner blogger you might be busy figuring out:

How to increase organic traffic?

Which techniques can attract loyal customers?

How to get quality backlinks?


This group solves all the hustles like these. Main attractions are:

  • You can promote on Monday.
  • Share & get business tips on Tuesday.
  • Discover other people in your field on Wednesday.
  • Ask & answer questions on Thursday.
  • Join live chat with experts on Friday.
  • Share your thoughts & personal stories on Saturday.
  • Share memes, pics, quotes or videos on Sunday.

The Smart Passive Income Community


Nobody is unknown to Expert Pat Flynn. Pat Flynn is a famous entrepreneur, the blogger who is a beloved thought leader in entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle business. Forbes awarded Pat Flynn among one of the most transparent business leaders recently. His community has above 38k members as every successful blogger works hard to generate passive income.

This group has 7 admins including Pat Flynn of course. The rules are very simple & basic as follows:

  • No Spamming
  • No self-promotion (affiliates, like blog posts)
  • Be kind & courteous
  • Respect others privacy
  • No hate speech or Bullying

Humans Of Online Business


Humans of online business is an awesome group of more than 10k members. The admins of this group are Abu Fofanah with Regina Anaejionu and 6 others. You can meet them at the group. All are super helpful & co-operative. Regina is a legend in launch strategy for any online business. She is a coach & expert in live workshops where she teaches with live examples of successful people. Some established bloggers like Meera Kothand, Miranda Nahmias are also a member of this group. This group has some do not rules to maintain the core value. Some main rules are:

  • Sales attempt not allowed.
  • Going live or sharing live video is not allowed.
  • No MLM offers/questions allowed here.
  • Request to raise fund without permission is banned.
  • Affiliate links posting is not allowed.

You’re welcome to share your grievances, problems, and hustles to get help with. Your creative ideas are most welcomed here. So, get connected with experts here & make your way to success.

The Rising Tide Society


This community is a very high potential platform for new bloggers to learn. It has active members more than 75k. Isn’t it a huge figure to build relationships and to collaborate for creative projects? When you request to join this group, automatically you agree to be a member of rising tide society too. They have a separate free platform ( to endorse your affiliates, products & ISO’s. It’s a great initiative for members to explore new opportunities in online business.

Let’s have a look at there do’s & don’t’s:


Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher


Here you can get & share ideas about how to generate income through Facebook Groups? If your blog business group is new & you’re searching for tips to grow it, then this community has unlimited opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded people. All you have to do is just follow this group’s rules. The rules are so simple and minimum as compared to all

  • No promos allowed in a post or comment.
  • Give value.
  • Be open.

Yes finished. This no fluffy approach drives more members. Caitlin is a real expert of generating leads with a facebook group.

The Solopreneur Society


It’s a closed group hosted by Dre Beltrami, the owner at The Branded Solopreneur. More than 6.4k members are active here and every new or beginner blogger is welcomed here to learn branding tips. Learn the best way to represent yourself as a brand with this group. When you land on the group’s main page, they offer a personality quiz. By clicking here, you land directly to the website The Branded Solopreneur & this quiz helps you to understand your needs as a brand. If you want to cut down your time to launch your blog as a brand then this group can do wonders for you.

They allow self-promotion only on Wednesdays. You can share your social accounts, blog posts, new products with links.

Eager to introduce your business at the above mentioned Facebook groups?

Grab our exclusive list of some more outstanding facebook groups for bloggers in other niches too. By joining the facebook groups listed in the resource below, you can make your blog niche profitable. If you want to know the secrets and steps to do that, then keep an eye on our coming posts. By signing up below you can download your free resources as well as get subscribed to coming exclusive products too. Join Smartytribe without more delay below:

[convertkit form=947576]

6 Helpful Female Bloggers To Empower Your Email Marketing.

Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you decide to purchase any of these resources, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. We recommend these products only because we have experience with them and use them for our own business. For more info, read our disclosure policy here




Emails – A creative marketing tool for new bloggers & entrepreneurs.

Wondering how to grow your email list loaded with raving fans? Are you still struggling to craft powerful emails?

Then you need to read our previous article “How to avoid 8 email marketing fears?” first and next follow the 7 super helpful blogs to boost your email marketing. If you learn & implement the strategies from experts, you’ll be on the right path to successful blog business. Expert bloggers are like a mentor for beginner bloggers as they guide them with their tried and tested tricks.

But, first, Let’s we share some quick facts about email marketing.

Being a beginner every new blogger is unknown to the term email marketing. In simple words, email marketing is a method to promote your blog with the help of emails. So, you need to know how to do this & what are the basic elements needed for it?


We have a free checklist for how to send perfect emails to your list? Grab it here:



The 6 basic needs for money making email marketing is described and shared by these blogs beautifully. Let’s get some ideas for yours too.






This is absolutely an eye-opening post by JEN SNYDER owner at women winning online to tackle all of your clueless struggles to send emails to your list. She explained beautifully about the hidden fears we all have as a new blogger and how to get rid of them easily. She has kept her writing very simple like a running conversation. This blog post is really a gem if you haven’t thought to start your first email campaign.


KEY: It depends on you how to make out the most from this lovely resource.

Check out the resource here:

6 Reasons Why Bloggers Are Scared To Send Emails And How To Get Past The Fear

One more resource by us:

How To Avoid 8 Email Marketing Fears? + Free Checklist To Overcome 


[click_to_tweet tweet=”#Email marketing is a powerful method to promote your brand new #blog with the help of emails via smarty_blogger ” quote=” Email marketing is a powerful method to promote your brand new blog with the help of emails.” theme=”style4″]








Get noticed by your readers without making them feel too salesy. In simple words, ELNA CAIN owner at Twins Mommy clarifies that how you can wow your fans by sending a different type of emails which are not just your blog posts. Her writing style is so catchy and directly convince your mind to go through her post till the end. If you are in doubt about my words then experience her magic yourself.

Check out the post here:

8 Emails You Can Send That Aren’t About Your Latest blog post






Another sassy post by ISABELLE PAQUIN is your trump card to win the audience. Her blog delivers nice hacks to follow if you are new to marketing. This exclusive post is to make you believe that without a lot of content a new blog can also have a list full of loyal followers. ISABELLE has shared terrific strategies to help out her followers. With this article, ISABELLE has shared terrific strategies to help out her readers.

Check out the post here :

How To Grow Your Email List When You Have Little Content

One more resource to read:

How To Create An Excellent Mini Email Course?


We have a free checklist for how to send perfect emails to your list? Grab it here:








Forget this myth that your brand new blog must have a lot of content & freebies to giveaway. BETH ANNE SCHWAMBERGER exposed many saucy tricks about how to build your list even you’re a new blogger.

You will get a step by step guidance about how you can also build your email list through this informative post.

Check out the post here:

Want To Build Your Email List? Try This! (It Works Even As A New Blogger)





We have now learned how to build a list by the promotional campaigns. Let’s learn about some marketing plugins. Just choose which one plugin goes well with your promotion strategy. Your mentor in this post is none other than ABBY LAWSON owner at justagirlandherblog 

She is well known for her success growth in a very short time span. ABBY and her blog are ideal for new bloggers.

Check out the post here:

The Best Email Marketing Plugins For WordPress






If you are going to create a series to offer as a freebie as well as to build a list then get all your questions answered here. Your mentor is just as awesome as her blog and she is the famous MEERAKOTHAND owner at

She knows what to offer and when for maximum results. She is an expert in her field and given all the key points in her articles.

Check out the post here:

How to write a staggeringly good welcome email series


Let’s follow these blogs now!

We know that surging a list for a brand new blog is the most difficult task. The toughest part is if you’re new & unknown.  But learn by following others who are successfully doing what you’re going to. We shared above some sassy blogs to ease your hustle.

You can try these bite-sized tricks too for a quick outcome like:

1 Create and offer multiple lead magnets directly on your homepage.

2 Place your main or primary freebie at the following blog areas: Header, Footer, Sidebar, Topbar, End of the blog post, Main pages like about page, resource page or contact us page.

3 Host a campaign or giveaway with monitoring.

4 Add CTA buttons for your main lead magnet to your social profiles.

5 Design and integrate a landing page for your main offer.

Stay tuned for our next post to learn how to plan, design and promote a lead magnet that converts up to 80%. Sign up below to receive all upcoming saucy blog posts directly to your inbox. Don’t forget to share your views…


How To Avoid 8 Email Marketing Fears? + Free Checklist To Overcome

Email marketing sounds like the deadly task for a new blogger, right?

Last week we shared “How to create an excellent email mini-course?” about 9 steps to follow for an automated email course. Today, we are going to reveal how you can surge your list with an effective email marketing strategy?

It’s easier to write a blog post but when it comes to gain readers for it, your pulse starts drowning. When you send an email then it’s open up success is the main goal every email marketer wants to achieve.

Being a beginner blogger, you obviously have many fears about sending your very first email or email series. But believe that you can grow your email list with more subscribers to make sales if overcome all the doubts and fears first. That’s why we have compiled 9 fears and ways to kill them in this article. Sounds interesting to know more?

Wondering how to send perfect emails with perfection? Download our free Blog Promotion Checklist via emails in your beginning days:

[convertkit form=865750]

Email marketing is the most pocket-friendly and liberal tool to increase your traffic as well as income. So, what are your email marketing fears? Jump to the section you want to read first.

1  HOW TO SEND EMAILS (which service provider to choose)

You don’t have to spend huge money in your initial days but looking and choosing free service like MailChimp is also a good option if you’re serious to grow your blog business. In the beginning days, it’s sure that we are not friendly with email writing, setup and terms like tags, automation, triggers, webhooks, labels, integration, etc.

So, look for the service provider who offers these basic features:

Videos & tutorials for the whole setup

Reasonable as well as affordable pricing

Offers mobile responsive templates to choose

Free trial to understand the tools

Email automation

Reports tracking

Customer support quality

If your service provider is offering all these features then go ahead with it. We recommend Activecampaign and Convert kit as we use and love their service. Don’t go with our words and experience by signing up for a free trial by yourself to see the features in working mode.

Related: 7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2018)


When we sit down to craft our emails or email series what happens most of the times? Mostly blinking cursor, blank screen and a lot of nervousness. Forget those old days talk and start fresh with tried and tested emails like below examples.


Welcome Your guest

A guest offers email when gets assured to receive valuable content and resources from you. So, a subscriber is ready to engage with you when signup first. It’s proven fact that the very first email you send to welcome your guest decides the relationship you’re going to build.

Here’s an example of a perfect welcome message:avoid-email-marketing-fear9


The next email to welcome must be sassy, interactive and introductory. In simple words, tell a little about yourself and ask a little about your reader to make your communication interactive and engaging. It’s true that email marketing strategy + content is almost as time investment as your blog. That’s why we can say that running an email series is like running a blog. To cut off that hustle and save your precious time Meera Kothand has designed some ready to use templates you can use in your initial stage of email marketing.



This is the most common fear a new blogger faces once in the blogging journey. But when your brand new blog business has all the basic elements in order then the fear of others harsh response vanish out. We know that you can’t wait to be perfect but sound blog setup eliminates 60% failure chances.

To tackle the stress of response your emails will get, take care of these bite-sized tips:

Send emails from a custom domain.

Use valuable headline + subject line.

Highlight the benefits.

Send at an optimal time for the maximum open rate.

Avoid using spammy words.

Colors and graphics must comply with blog branding.

Design mobile phone optimized emails.

Sell your own products or affiliate products wisely.



In the facebook groups we’re engaged, bloggers ask several times that should they send emails even their list is small? Tell us who starts with the large following from day 1? Everybody has to work hard for gaining the trust of their audience. Can you get 1000 signups overnight? Simply No!

List surging always takes time but the speed depends on your efforts and smart resources used. We know that when you try to learn about any topic online in blogging industry different views and contradicting theories came in your way. Small list or no list doesn’t mean that you have no need to design emails or email strategy. It means we have to start at sub-zero.

We mentioned above the email marketing strategy because if you’re keen to have a big list before blog launch then try some tricks to achieve your target like:

Landing Page On Website:

This is how a perfect landing page looks like:


Before one or two months of launch, design an exclusive Homepage or you can say the landing page. This one page will automatically grow your list while you’re busy in your blog setup or launch preps. Sounds interesting? Let’s see what it needs?


A Domain Name + Hosting Service like Siteground + A Theme (free like Airi, Sydney and paid like Isabelle, Maggie, Victoria) + Basic plugins if using WordPress.

Wix and Squarespace are also good options if you can invest in your initial days and don’t want to indulge in technical and setup chaos.


Choose an email service provider like Active Campaign or Convert kit. If you need free then Mailchimp and Mailerlite are good options. But paid services like Active Campaign or Convert kit are best for bloggers because their automation, as well as autoresponders, work for you as a virtual assistant. Create a welcome email + email series to share your worthy blogging ideas or coming articles. Send some more free downloads to build credibility.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”List surging always takes time but the speed depends on your efforts and #smart resources used via @smarty_blogger” quote=”List surging always takes time but the speed depends on your efforts and #smart resources used.” theme=”style4″]


Design a free resource your audience needs or surely want to download. You can create an introductory resource for your coming paid digital product too. Then choose maximum 2 or 3 social media channels with Pinterest one of them. Use your brand name and branding elements to setup profile. Add your freebie link to your social profile section.


Design your homepage as the landing page of your freebie. Schedule it’s sharing to your social channels with free tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, IFTTT, Planoly for Instagram. Create 6 pins for your freebie and schedule them for daily share.

Hurray! You’re ready to surge your list before launching your biz.


RELATED: How to Get 128 New Email Subscribers Per Day


Why fear about having zero products at the beginning of your biz. We’re sure that you’re not setting up blog business only for money, right? You have designed a whole blog with content, graphics, free downloads, opt-ins, landing pages. That takes uncountable sleepless nights and tons of efforts and determination. Think about how creative you’re? 

Don’t indulge in creating own digital products in the beginning days of blog launch. Why?

Less blog traffic.

It takes a lot of research & time.

Needs investment too.

Product failure can make you stressed.

Needs separate marketing.

Sales funnel and tracking.

For making money in beginning days, we can do affiliate marketing. It simply adds money to your wallet and builds a relationship with experts whose products you endorse. In simple words, you get double profit(money by earning commission & influencer outreach).

[convertkit form=865750]


Being a new blogger you can share your own hustle and personal stories to build a relationship with your readers. Your friendly writing tone makes the reader feel bonded with you. If you write as you speak then the formal feel doesn’t sound in your writing. Consider adding some sauce in your email content writing with the ingredients below:

Simple words & short sentences.

Don’t bet your message feel with grammar.

Try to use active voice in writing.

Make it convincing with examples.

Ask questions for engagement.

Use interactive tools like polls, surveys or quiz.

Evoke emotions with great headlines(Grab our free 14-page ebook “VIRAL HEADLINE FORMULA”)



The biggest fear beginner blogger goes through while starting list building. Always remember that blog is a business because you’re investing in it, putting efforts to grow it for making an income for living. So, to overcome the fear for unsubscribers find out the possible reasons and ways to eradicate them.

The main 3 reasons found behind unsubscription by experts research are:

1 Sending emails more frequently(means too many emails)

2 Content without any correlation.

3 Pitching only product sale in every mail.

Ways to eradicate common reasons for unsubscribers:

  • Always include information at the footer about how the subscriber had subscribed.
  • Avoid hiding unsubscribe link due to fear of losing subscribers.
  • Don’t make the unsubscription process lengthy.
  • Offer to stay on the list by choosing preferences to receive type or frequency of emails.
  • Don’t think unsubscription a bad thing, It’s good as cleanse your list automatically.


We all know that making sales is always the main aim of running a successful business. So, sending sale pitches are 100% authentic. But how to know the limit to not look like a salesperson? That’s what beginner blogger wants to ask in the forums and communities we are a part of.

Let’s share the actionable and tested ways to not sound salesy:

Share what you know

It’s obvious that anybody (a new subscriber or customer) approaches you to find the solutions for their problems. To share tips and tricks to ease the hustles of others in your niche is the secret to building trust and a relationship. You can use how to’s, tutorials, content upgrades to help your readers. But sharing doesn’t mean to give away all the expertise you learned so far for free. Decide what and how much stuff you should share for free to support the sale of your product.

For example – Ana from “THE SHE APPROACH” offers free video + list of affiliate programs to make sales in support of her main product “ZERO TO SUPERHERO”

The free offer avoid-email-marketing-fear10

The paid product →avoid-email-marketing-fear11

For in-depth knowledge, you should take the free as well as the paid course. This investment will help to find out how to pitch freebies to generate leads for a paid one.

Ready to rock your blog business with email marketing?

Simple rule for online success is a clear vision, strong dedication, and self-confidence on your abilities. Setup welcome email series(automated) or mini email course to surge your list.

[convertkit form=865750]

How Brand New Blog Can Get Tons Of Traffic From Google?

Google organic traffic to a brand new blog. Sounds interesting as well as surprising. Eager to know how to do this?

Blog visitors or we can say blog traffic is the struggle that every beginner blogger goes through right after blog launch, am I right? The criteria for using social channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter has changed a lot these days. You’re also noticing that to gain followers on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook is now like to move a mountain.

You put time, effort and quality content to your social posts as well as blog posts but still very fewer followers/likes.

The worst part…

If you’re 9 to 5 working mompreneur each failure sucks your mind & evokes you to quit. So, what’s going wrong?
You want traffic from Google, right? Then, this is the ultimate guide you need whether you’re a new blogger or 9 to 5 working mompreneur.


Dive in the generous & proven tactics to work well in the future blogging industry:

1) Keywords For SEO
2) User Experience
3) Voice Search Optimization
4) Fast Loading Website
5) Backlinks
6) Google Answer Box

Have you ever thought that why most internet users prefer Google over Yahoo, Bing or any other search engines? Why Google is working day and night to improve Google Rankbrain?

Firstly, talk about what is Google Rank brain?

It is a machine learning (AI) algorithm that Google uses to sort it’s search results. Rankbrain provides 10% more accurate results for any search query. That is why everyone prefers to use the google search engine for researches.

What’s the catch?

To appear in the top of search results for gaining maximum traffic we need the power of Google Rankbrain. So, integrate these tricks into your content for high rated results:


They make your content precise and clear for reading. Keywords are the words that decide the ranking of your web page in Google search results. While designing a blog website, the main element is blog posts.

Posts drive organic traffic to your blog, so it’s necessary to optimize posts with specific keywords. Along with them take care of following terms also:

Well, optimized title tag & Meta description.

How to tutorials & list posts rule as ever.

Embed your own or other relevant SEO optimized videos in your content.

Use the Yoast SEO plugin for keyword density, tags, backlinks, keyword optimized image audit.

Include inter-relating keywords as Google turns them into concepts for showing the best results for a particular search query. In simple words, optimize your page, blog post and profile too for keywords but not more than two.

Use medium tail keywords instead of long tail keywords.

Add H1, H2 tags for headings and insert your keyword too.

Don’t spam by reusing your keyword more and more.

Use internal linking wisely.

Keyword optimized images.

Design XML sitemap for your blog website and submit it to Google Search Console.

Use broken link checker free plugin for links good health.

Need more in-depth SEO help?
MUST READ: 201 Powerful SEO Tips (That Actually Work)


Google study the user experience based on listed sites in the search. If your landing page can’t provide the visitor a reason to stay longer then google avoids showing it again in the search results. So, try to make your content interactive as well as useful.

Have a look:

How can you resist staying longer on the blog website of Melyssa Griffin if you’re a true learner? She has a lot of quality content with beautiful designing.


Look at this stunning homepage section of Melyssa. She has used very wisely as well as beautifully all essentials for a perfect lead magnet. I’ve marked these essentials in the image for clearly understanding where you need to focus for maximum conversion with the main opt-in form.

1  Simple logo without any fancy designing.

2  Endorsement of a freebie with the separate navigational page.

3  Proof of credibility with showing 2,00,000 others to join & a hugely helpful resource offer in exchange of email address.

4  Gorgeous self-image adds authority to her brand.

5  Crystal clear message to attract the targeted group of audience + pointing towards the struggle.

6  Clear and convincing CTA(call to action).

These 6 elements instantly make a reader to trust the authority. Ultimately, the reader happily signs up and scroll down to find out more worthy content.


Have you heard about voice search ranking? With the growing internet users, it’s obvious to do a better job for outstanding search results. Do you know Google claims that by 2020, 50% of searches will take place using voice search?

Voice search SEO is the easiest key to drive tons of traffic even you have a newly launched blog. I just love Amazon echo as my own productivity tool. Have you tried any of these smart gadgets because their voice search feature growth is taking place like an explosion?

Have a look:

Smart speaker devices:

What does this term mean? How these devices can be helpful to a blogger? I’m sure this type of numerous queries are running in your mind. Let’s find the relevant answers here:

Our smart generation needs & demand for hi-tech, multitasking capable, helpful and smart gadgets for their routine work. We crave stress and list free life which is possible by leaving our responsibilities to reliable smart devices like Smart Speaker Devices.

The winner of this race until now is Amazon Echo and Sonos One.

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The loading speed of a website decides the conversion rate. Slow speed always ruins the conversion as they create a bad user experience. The bounce rate drops the ranking gradually. The loading speed result of voice search is much faster as you experience in comparison to web pages. Have you tried Google Assistant? When we ask a question, it answers as soon as possible. The time taken is less than 5 seconds.

So, to rank for voice search your site must load super quickly. The highest ranked and trustworthy service provider for fast loading website is Siteground. This company keeps its promise to provide fast speed, secure server, and 99.9% uptime genuinely as shown in the banner below:

Web Hosting

It’s a data-driven fact that HTTPS ( ) secured sites rank much higher than HTTP. Can you risk your traffic for a few bucks? Dear, you shouldn’t.
Do you know there is one awesome & generous hosting service provider who gives you HTTPS facility absolutely free? Yes, you heard it right that it’s totally free when you sign up with Siteground here. In addition, it provides the fastest speed as well as 99.9% up-time. Their pricing is also pocket-friendly for beginner bloggers.

Startup: This plan is limited to hosting one website. It includes 10 GB disk space and is suitable for hosting a website having 10,000 monthly visitors. You’ll also get all essential features like 1-click WordPress to install, free setup, website transfer, daily backups, and more.

Grow Big: The Grow Big plan lets you host unlimited websites. It comes with 20 GB disk space and is suitable for hosting websites having 25,000 monthly visitors. You’ll get all the features of the Startup plan, plus you’ l get premium features like Super Cacher, 1-year free wildcard SSL, and more.

Go Geek: GoGeek plan is suitable for small eCommerce websites. It can handle websites having 100,000 monthly visitors. In addition to all GrowBig’s features, you’ll get access to more advanced features like one-click git repo creation, WordPress and Joomla staging, and more.​


Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Some amazing & impressing plus points of Siteground over other similar service providers are:

1 Highest rated WordPress hosting provider.

2 Unique as well as very fast website loading speed.

3 Very secure server and free CDN by Cloudflare.

4 Free SSL (secure) certificate by Let’s Encrypt.

5 Built-in WP caching.

6 One click staging.

7 Location-specific hosting service from the USA, Asia, and Europe.

8 Unbeatable customer support with chat + call + tickets (24/7).

9 99.999% uptime always as tested by various sources.

10 SSD means solid-state drives for all web hosting plans.

11 High-speed loading time boosts user experience as well as SEO.

12 30 days money back guarantee.

13 Best affiliate product as it sells on its own unique and unmatchable features.

14 A good passive income source for beginner bloggers.

What else we can ask from a hosting service provider? That means Siteground is the right choice if you’re serious to launch a blog business.

Let’s launch our heart crafted epic online business with the best service provider SITEGROUND.

Web Hosting


According to the voice search algorithm, the trusted domains are indexed without caring about other ones. In simple words, to rank better you need a strong link authority or backlinks. Google always rank those websites higher which have quality backlinks.

But getting them takes some strategies as listed below:

From social channels like Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Guest posting on other’s website.

By writing Roundup and list posts on your blog.

Creating worthy Infographics for every blog post.

Ask other bloggers in a similar niche to get connected by sending emails.

Participate actively with forums like Quora and highly engaged Facebook groups(grab my ready-made list of  top Facebook groups)

Offering free resources and content upgrades.

The old strategy of blog commenting on others blog.


Don’t over think. It’s just the source where search results of Google come from. Your chance to appear in this Answer box increase if your content is based on how to tutorials, FAQ’s, Q’s & A’s, Solutions or lists. Google provides the best answers to its readers in the form of a rich answer, knowledge graph, rich snippet, paragraph snippet, list snippet, table snippet, and youtube snippet.

Your new blog can get more clicks, visibility, and high conversion rate if the content is optimized to appear in Google’s featured snippet. The keys to rank in the Google snippets are:

Keyword research strategy (LSI keywords)

In-depth answers

SEO optimization

One paragraph answer

Use Dean’s Skyscraper Technique

Ready to roll in huge organic traffic with Google?

Hope your content got featured in Google search results much higher. Consistent blogging is also a good method to drive traffic. With growing traffic and blogging for a few months, you will automatically learn what works for your blog? So, just start your biz and feel the awesomeness of this new world i.e blogging.

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